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What you will learn​

Save time and hassle

The course covers everything you need to know about investing through your UK limited company. This will save you weeks of research so you can focus on what matters.

Invest your company profits​

Business bank accounts pay close to zero interest these days. Learn about the right company investment structures and online platforms allowing you to invest in higher-yielding assets.

Choose the right Exit Strategy

There is no point investing if you cannot reap the rewards. Whether it's ongoing passive income or a lump-sum amount, you will learn advanced methods for extracting your cash legally.

Invest in Property, Stocks & Bonds

You will learn what income-producing assets are available to LTD companies and how they work. Buy-to-Let, Property crowdfunding, Stocks & ETFs, Peer-to-Peer lending, Private Equity, Bridging loans, Gold, Silver and more.

Review of the best Online Platforms

We review the best online platforms that offer accounts for LTD companies. How much they cost, how to sign-up and what features they offer in detail.

Work with a specialised accountant

We know setting up your company for investing can be a pain which is why our accounting partners can make it easy for you after the end of the course.

Stay compliant

You must comply with HMRC and regulation rules when investing as an LTD company. The course shows you the actions you need to take to stay compliant and never miss a deadline.

Pay less taxes

Avoid (not evade) taxes legally. Learn which investments have a favourable tax treatment for companies, how to minimise taxes when selling or when taking an income from your investment company.

A powerful online community

You will join an online community of likeminded business owners who want to grow their wealth. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss and learn from others.

Meet Michael

Dear business owner,
I could never imagine my investing would generate enough income to cover all of my lifestyle expenses.
In 2010 I started working as a software engineer at an entry level. Right after the Great Financial Crisis, I knew nothing about money and accounting. Words like the “stock market” and “property investing” were causing fear and anxiety to me. “I better stay away”.
I would receive my employer’s salary and spend it all on things I enjoyed. But I remember myself being constantly worried:

Who pays for my future self?
How come some people enjoy life more than others?
Why are some clever people poor and dumber people rich?

I was constantly thinking about my money ‘issues’ when a friend convinced me I am skilled enough to start my own company. I was quite reluctant but I did. My limited company was doing well, offering technology services to clients. Invoices raised, money flew in, profits stacked up.

Taking a salary and dividends was the standard approach to enjoy some of the money. But what about the cash surplus after that? What happens with the funds remaining inside the company? These lazy employees are doing nothing for me and extracting them would cause a huge tax bill.
I talked to top industry accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. I spent hundreds of hours reading investing documents, HMRC rules and researching corporate investing platforms. 
Can my company invest its funds? What’s legal from an HMRC point of view? What can my company invest in? What’s my exit strategy? Through my action plan, I put my business cash to work.
Soon I knew more than some accountants did and started offering consulting services. I started a UK personal finance blog with over 10,000 monthly readers and a Company Hub page. I gave podcast interviews and made YouTube appearances to help others.
My life was changing.
In 2019, I made £40,000 by investing in stocks, bonds and UK residential property. To date, I have helped more than 250 business owners unlock their company profits and enjoy their new income streams.
And now it’s your turn…
I’m not sure where you are in life right now, but I’m guessing you’re in a time of transition – or preparing for one. Maybe you want to increase your income, take more hours off or improve your quality of life.
What’s your big idea?
Investing your company profits can be your ticket to extra profits and a better life. It can also serve as a great way to pass inheritance later on.
I built the Company Investing Academy with one purpose: I want every business owner to extract more value from their hard-earned profits. If you are in this boat, then this course is for you.
Michael Vogiatzis

Why take this course if I can find an accountant​

I would not have created this course if I believed finding an accountant can get you there. I have talked to hundreds of business owners. Through my conversations and my own experiences as well I have made these 3 observations: 

1) Most accountants will often limit what their clients can achieve. They want to do things the easiest (for them) way while reducing their clients potential. “Just put more money into your pension” or “Take dividends and then invest personally” are typical responses that are not good enough. They want to do the bookkeeping – not grow wealth for their clients. Most probably, you have acknowledged this yourself too.

2) Most accountants will only spend 1 or 2 hours with you or otherwise charge thousands of pounds to explain the concepts. This is not only from my experience, but from people e-mailing me daily.

3) Limited company investing is way more than accounting. Although the right company structure is of paramount importance, the concept goes beyond that. Here are some topics that are extremely useful other than accounting:
  • Which investment platforms are best for company owners based on their experience/needs (passive buy & hold, index investing, gold, forex, margin loans, etc)
  • How to easily track your ongoing investments and tax obligations (step-by-step examples)
  • Different exit strategies 5-10 years down the line (only possible if you start on the right foot)
  • Property + HMO investing through an LTD company
  • How different assets are taxed when investing through an LTD (not just what the final tax bill is)
  • A discounted offer with our trusted accountants or how to choose one yourself
  • Being part of a community of like-minded business owners / investors to discuss ideas and strategies
  • Which bank accounts to (not) use
  • Pros and cons of Pensions vs LTD company investing and how to balance between the two to maximise profits as well as tax breaks
  • Useful resources such as videos, excel spreadsheets and reading material to succeed in investing
Don’t get me wrong. A good accountant is very important which is why we have our own accountants on board to help you get started. In case you want to go elsewhere this is fine too. In fact, we have created a section on what traits to look for in an investment accountant and how to find one yourself.
I just want to make clear that LTD company investing is way more than finding a great accountant.
Curriculum Academy & Accountant Just Acc.
Tailored approach to LTD company investing
Education & guidance on both tax and investing
Investment Platforms Comparison
Sign-up instructions and legal requirements
Discounts with trusted accountants
Online community of business owners/investors
Holistic wealth view (pensions, LTD company, ISAs, children)
Investment returns tracking
Do's and Dont's from legal point of view
Investing and tax resources (spreadsheets, videos)
Proactive, not complacent, approach
Basic tax guidance

Here's your course outline

The course consists of 3 pillars, all of which are essential to company investing and wealth management.

The Tax Pillar teaches you everything you need to know about tax and accounting. It helps you decide whether company investing is right for you, how it works and how to implement it using the most appropriate company structure. It also includes a private Q&A session for you to ask questions. We look at tax optimisation strategies to minimise taxes and stay on top of your obligations to HMRC.

The Investing Pillar is all about execution. You have decided company investing is right for you and you want to go from zero to having invested funds in a platform ASAP. It provides information for you to choose the best bank account and investing platform. It also covers Property buy-to-let and education on how to build a diversified portfolio that not only makes money but also lets you sleep well at night.

The “Enjoy your Money” Pillar is all about reaping the rewards of your efforts. It discusses different exit strategies with real-world examples. This is so that when the time comes you can keep what you earned and enjoy it / match your liabilities (i.e. kids university, fun years etc). It also covers a passive-income style of building wealth using a combination of LTD company investing and Pensions.

We believe the 3 Pillars are essential for you to make an educated decision on how to best handle your money.

The course includes 6 hours of valuable online content.

On top of that, you will have the chance to get more guidance in a private 60-minute conversation with Michael.

Here’s the detailed Company Investing Course agenda (click to expand each):

Should you take the money out and then invest? Or invest through a limited company?
  • Pros and cons of both options
  • A data-driven decision with a real-world example
  • Cost and flexibility
Investing directly from your trading company
  • Risks to consider
  • Tax treatment of your investments
  • Entrepreneurs relief
How to best invest your limited company profits
  • Is it legal?
  • Company structures for investing your business profits and a detailed breakdown for each
  • Tax obligations to HMRC and to your accountant
  • Why an exit strategy is very important and how to choose one
How to minimise your taxes legally
  • How different investments are taxed when trading through an LTD, (not just what the final bill is)
    • Stocks, Bonds, Commodities like Gold and Silver
    • Buy-to-Let, Property funds (REITs, university accommodation and commercial property)
    • Income vs Accumulation funds
  • Top strategies to minimise your taxes while also considering your non-company investments
How to find a great investment accountant and what to look out for
How to stay on top of your ongoing tax obligations and make your life easier in order to report everything correctly to your accountant
  • How to prepare your annual accounts for your accountant
  • How to track your investment taxes and balances
  • Step-by-step example and a template to save you hours (transactions, yearly balance, dividends, rent)
A private confidential session with Michael to answer your questions (which normally costs £200)
Which investment platforms to choose for stocks, bonds, property, peer-to-peer lending, private equity, bridging loans, commodities, forex
  • Features and cost
  • Step-by-step sign-up instructions
  • How to obtain a LEI code (sign up requirement)
  • See inside a relevant platform
  • How to buy/sell in practice
Which bank account to use
  • Features and cost
  • Security and FSCS protection
  • How to sign-up
Property investing through a Limited Company
  • Residential and commercial Buy-to-Let
  • How to choose the right company structure
  • Bridging and Development loan investing and platforms
  • Benefits of using an LTD company to invest in Property
  • Upfront and ongoing costs
  • Personal BTL vs Limited company property investing
How to grow wealth using a multi-asset portfolio
  • What returns/risk to expect from each asset class
  • How stocks, bonds, property, private equity can work together to provide income and capital appreciation
  • Review of the most important books for successful investing (for UK-based investors)
  • Investing resources (books, videos, blog posts series)
  • Popular portfolios overview and purpose (All-weather, 60/40 stocks/bonds, Tim Hale’s, 100% stocks) 
Exit Strategies: 5 example scenarios based on different goals and age
  • How to think with concrete goals in mind
  • How the right exit strategy can save you thousands of pounds
  • How to implement them
  • Passive income vs lump sum income
How to live off your LTD company passive income
  • How much is enough? How to set realistic goals you can meet in (early) retirement
  • Manage risk/return
  • Optimize for low taxation
  • Dos and Dont’s of the Financial Independence / Retire Early movement
  • Learn a tax-efficient way to extract your investment gains
Pensions: How to balance Pension contributions with LTD company investing
  • Pension benefits and costs compared to an LTD company
  • How to balance contributions between the two to maximise profits and minimise taxes
  • FREE spreadsheets for you to use with your own numbers
Beyond this course: The Company Investing Academy Private Community
  • Joining is totally optional and free for course members
  • Get feedback on your ideas from like-minded individuals
  • Help and get help
  • Find new opportunities
  • Meet other business owners in occasional in-person events
  • Hold yourself accountable by sharing your plan
  • Increase the chance of taking action and succeeding
  • Get motivation – you are not alone

Q&A Schedule

The Live Q&A session takes place online. 

I recommend taking the time to go through the course material, build your knowledge and gather questions. 

When you are ready, you can schedule a private session with Michael to answer your questions, validate your strategy and plan your next steps.

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6+ hours of video content and a private online live session

A powerful online community

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Frequent Questions

Most people do expense it but this depends on your business.
Expenditure on training is normally revenue expenditure if it updates or provides expertise or knowledge in the individual’s existing business area. Costs incurred on training to acquire new skills or knowledge to keep pace with advancements in technology and changes in industry practices, related to the owner’s existing business area, will usually be allowable. Expenditure on training courses which are ancillary to the main trade, such as introductory bookkeeping or digital skills course may also be revenue expenditure depending on the specific circumstances of each case.
I am more than happy to provide an invoice addressed to your company if you wish.

No, no. Most online courses just email you a ton of videos to watch and expect you to figure things out on your own. This doesn’t work. Studying at home is great, studying alone is not. Our courses include a mix of online videos, a live Q&A session plus a helpful community of business owners. You can go at your own pace too, of course, but engaging with your peers is what we highly recommend.

If you have operated through a limited company before then you probably have some basic understanding already. Some basic knowledge of tax (i.e. what dividends, corporation tax are) is recommended but not essential.

Investing knowledge is not required. We will be talking about investing fundamentals and provide guidance (not advice!).

We are a team of both accountant and non-accountant experts. Having the right tax structure is important which is why a Chartered Accountant was involved in designing each Tax Pillar stage. We also focus on financial planning, exit strategies, and investing tools for limited companies.

Everything the course offers is essential for you to succeed in your investing journey.

We recommend you start considering the course if you’ve got a minimum of £20,000 to invest.

The course will give you everything you need to decide whether it’s worth taking the money out of your company and invest personally.

This is not an easy choice which is why we have dedicated an entire session to this question, backed by data.

Our goal is not to make you follow a certain path, but to help you make an educated decision on what’s best for you.

As long as you’ve got an internet connection and a laptop or a phone, you are good to go.
We use Zoom for the live video sessions and Slack for chat. We respect each other’s privacy.

We charge no VAT (nil). We are happy to issue an invoice upon request.

Yes you can! Please check out our affiliate program that offers a generous commission for your referral.

Or just email Michael for a referring voucher code. 


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We will do our best to reply asap.

6+ hours of valuable video content 

Bonus Tax & Investing resources, spreadsheets, notes

FREE access to a private community of business owners

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